Beaches closed during Sant Joan Revetla. | Teresa Ayuga

Palma City Council has decided to close all beaches in Palma during the Revetla de Sant Joan on June 23.

Thousands of people from Palma and Part Forana usually flood the city’s beaches to celebrate the Sant Joan Revetla, but the Council says large crowds could cause a new coronavirus outbreak.

The possibility of reducing capacity was considered as an alternative but after analysing reports from the Local Police and Ministry of Health the Council has decided complete closure of Palma’s beaches from 1900 on June 23 to 1000 am on June 24 is the best option.

"We understand that it is an important party but it is even more important to ensure compliance with the recommended social distancing measures and that means that any agglomeration could cause new infections,” explained Citizen Participation & Home Affairs Councillor, Alberto Jarabo.