The bar and restaurant sector has received a boost from the increase in terrace spaces.

Palma town hall is only guaranteeing that the increases in terrace spaces in the city will last until the end of the summer, i.e up to the change of season on 22 September.

In principle, the town hall has indicated that the increases will be maintained until the end of the year or so long as it is necessary to apply social distancing. However, the councillor for interior government, Alberto Jarabo, is saying that this all depends on the health situation once autumn arrives and also on the actions of bar and restaurant proprietors. "If there is non-compliance, we will end the measure of increasing space." He is referring to failure to observe health regulations, such as social distancing, and to stick to opening hours.

The restaurants association within the Pimem small to medium-sized businesses federation has called on the town hall to maintain the increases well beyond the end of the state of alarm and the need to observe social distancing. The association's president said after a meeting with Jarabo and Mayor Hila last week that the measure has given a great boost to the bar and restaurant sector and that it should be prolonged.

At present, 665 terraces are occupying parking spaces in front of premises. There are other terraces in pedestrianised areas or where there is no parking for which this isn't an option.