UFAM Officers, Palma. archive photo. | Alejandro Sepulveda

A woman has been arrested in Palma for allegedly brutally beating her two children aged 10 and 11.

Agents of the Family and Woman Unit, or UFAM detained the 34-year-old Spanish national who allegedly has a long history of family abuse.

Police say the 11-year-old called the 112 emergency phone number at around 1730 on Friday, June 5 claiming that he had been battered by his mother.

Several Police Patrols were deployed to the scene where they interviewed the child's grandmother and checked the victim who had a bleeding nose and bruises on some parts of the body.

Child Protection

The accused and her family have not been named in order to protect the victims’ identity and personal details.

The boy allegedly sent his mother's boyfriend a text message asking him not to move in with her, but the detainee intercepted it and lost her temper. The children live with their grandmother and the defendant allegedly went to the house, punched and kicked the children and tried to grab a metal bar to use on her son.

UFAM Officers investigating the incident say this was not the first time the mother had attacked her son and that her 10-year-old daughter had also been beaten on previous occasions.

Police Record

According to Police, the defendant has a long record of robbery, theft and family violence and the statements given by the children are terrifying.

UFAM has filed a report with the Judicial Authority requesting protection for the children.