The sculpture was installed in 2005.


The heart-shaped sculpture that was placed in a shopping centre in Arenal in 2005 has been removed. It posed a risk to pedestrians and it had been subject to neglect. For these reasons, the decision was taken to remove it, a development which will mean an improvement for car parking on the Calle Gran i General Consell.

Known as the lollipop, the sculpture was a feature of the Arenal Park complex. It was created by the aristocratic Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, who is well known for her design work. It was said that she had been paid one million euros for the sculpture and other features in Arenal Park.

The architect for the building was Carlos Montaldo. The complex, which cost 17.5 million euros, had space for forty shops and other establishments and a car park with 323 spaces. It was not a success. Llucmajor town hall currently has municipal offices there. As part of a remodelling of the area, the town hall will also be altering traffic on the Calle Balears.