New terrace restrictions on the Paseo Marítimo. | Ultima Hora


Nightlife in Palma has already been severely curbed with Clubs banned from opening, now bars and restaurants on the Paseo Marítimo have been told that they must close their terraces at 0100.

The Balearic Islands Port Authority, or APB has sent a letter to businesses on the promenade informing them of the changes which are in line with the regulations for establishments in the rest of the city and will be in place from April 1 to October 30.

The APB claims that since bars and restaurants were allowed to expand their terraces on the Paseo Marítimo into parking spots outside their businesses, the habit of keeping them open until the early hours of the morning has become widespread, sparking numerous complaints from local residents about excessive noise.

The Port Police and Palma Local Police plan to intensify patrols in the area to make sure the new closing hours are respected.

Restaurateurs Complaints

Business owners on the Paseo Marítimo are furious about the new closing time restrictions and a group of entrepreneurs has already started collecting signatures through to overturn the ruling so that they can stay open longer.

"We signed so that hundreds of businesses that support hundreds of families in this Sector can survive," they said. "It is totally unacceptable, especially after the health crisis, that the hours are changed from one day to the next and locals have to close many hours earlier than the licence allows. We want Palma's maritime trade to be saved."