Doctors are demanding Covid-19 compensation. | M. À. Cañellas


Doctors are demanding that the Balearic Government pay them a Covid-19 supplement.

In May, Fernando Simón, Director of the Centre for Coordination of Health Alerts & Emergencies, announced that the Ministry of Health was studying "compensation mechanisms" for Health Professionals who worked tirelessly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Balearic Medical Union, Simebal, raised the issue at a Health Sector Table and accused the Balearic Islands of not following through.

But Salut insists it has not ruled out negotiating the claim and pointed out that many steps have been taken to recover the rights of Doctors.

"We are very grateful for the recognition we have had from the Health Minister, who values us and highlights the commitment, vocation and responsibility of the Professionals who had to face their work without adequate means of protection during the first three weeks, but this should be reflected with something,” said Miguel Lázaro, President of Simebal.

He says that the Covid-19 complement will be implemented in practically all Autonomous Communities and explained that various modalities have been determined.

"This is a specific supplement for staff that have had close contact with Covid-19 patients, such as the ER, ICU, Internal Medicine and Pneumology with a variable productivity of 1,500 because in fact they have produced more," Lázaro pointed out. “Professionals who did not have as much contact but are now going to have long waiting lists should be paid a productivity fee of 700 euros."

Dr. Lázaro underlined the fact that Healthcare Workers have seen their working conditions change during the coronavirus crisis.

"It is time to reward the efforts of Doctors who have adapted to the pandemic," he said.

The Doctors are asking for a third supplement for Professionals who contracted coronavirus or had to undergo quarantine.

They also asked through their union that "the time working with Covid-19 be considered in a special way in their professional career and for services rendered in an opposition."

The proposal was presented to the Sectorial Board and seconded by the other unions that will adapt the bonus to their professional categories.

Son Llàtzer Hospital

Outpatient Nursing Technicians at Son Llàtzer Hospital have accused Hospital Management of imposing an indefinite rotating shift change saying they’ve worked a fixed shift for 18 years which allowed them to manage both their family and work life and criticised the lack of empathy from Management.

"They should use their energy to support and motivate us," they said.