Pilar Costa & Juan Pedro Yllanes | Ultima Hora

Government spokesperson, Pilar Costa has set out the standards for the new normal which begins on Monday when the State of Emergency finally ends.

The Government's Plan states that citizens should avoid behaviour that increases the risk of spreading coronavirus and activities that may generate a higher risk of community transmission must be carried out in conditions that prevent contagion.

The measures included in the Plan are complementary to those established by the State Government in Royal Decree Law 21/2020.

Face masks will still be compulsory for cultural and sporting events held indoors and in all commercial establishments and must also be used in open or closed spaces where social distancing is not possible.

Capacity is limited to 75% in premises and commercial establishments but will not be applied in pharmacies, opticians or laundries.

Workers must have access to soap and water and hydroalcoholic solution and shifts in the workplace must be organised to guarantee social distancing.

Summer festivals, open-air dances, celebrations and dinners are allowed as long as the public is seated.

At the beach, sunbathers can occupy four square meters in groups up to a maximum of 25 people, with social distancing of 1.5 metres and access to beaches may be limited by the local authorities.

In cinemas, theatres, circuses etc, seats must be preassigned and capacity cannot exceed 75%.

A maximum of 70 people may attend funerals in open spaces and 30 in closed spaces, whether they live together or not.

A mask must be worn at the entrance and exit to Places of Worship and the use of holy water is prohibited.

A maximum of 250 guests can attend weddings and other social events outdoors and 150 in closed spaces and capacity is limited to 75%.

In the Restaurant Sector, capacity is limited to 75% inside, but there is no capacity restriction on terraces although groups are limited to a maximum of 25 people. Customers can only drink or eat at the bar until 2200 and establishments must close by 0200.


Administrative procedures will continue electronically and face-to-face education will begin in the next academic year, but a mixture of electronic and face-to-face learning is possible for Secondary education, baccalaureate, vocational training, special regime, and adult education, with social distancing.

Complementary transportation services, school canteens and morning school will resume with the necessary measures in place.

At early childhood Education Centres there will be a maximum ratio of 7 babies in classrooms for children under the age of 1; 9 babies in classrooms for 1-2-year-olds and 14 children in classrooms for 2-3 year-olds, although these ratios may be modified by the Education Minister.

Social Services & Residences

It is obligatory to inform the Health Department of any Covid-19 cases at Nursing Homes and Healthcare Professionals may intervene to control the spread of the virus if necessary.

Sports Activities

Physical activity can be carried out in groups with a maximum of 30 people outdoors and social distancing of at least 1.5 metres between participants, unless they are living together.

Individuals and couples can practise sports on the beaches in the Balearic Islands.