Playgrounds have been disinfected. | Ajuntament de Palma

Children's playgrounds in Palma reopened on Monday. Health security measures have been adopted, and the wearing of masks will be obligatory from the age of six and recommended from the age of three.

Angelica Pastor, the councillor for infrastructure, called for "common sense and respect for the rules", noting that the reopening was wanted "by all children and parents". Palma, she said, is a municipality with many parks. "We are talking about over 3,000 green areas with 177 play areas for children, which have more than 1,500 items."

There have been increases in spending, staff and resources in order to satisfy new regulations to prevent infection. "It was important to ensure that all the games were disinfected before being used." The councillor stressed the importance of applying sanitiser before and after using the play facilities.