Healthcare Professionals at Palma Airport. | Ultima Hora

There are barely enough Healthcare Personnel available to control and inspect International travellers arriving from at ports and airports in the Balearic Islands, but no reinforcements are expected from the Ministry of Health in the immediate future

There’s likely to be a vast increase in International travellers from July 1 and the 2 Doctors and 3 Nurses currently in charge of International flights at Son Sant Joan will also have to supervise the Personnel and technology provided by AENA and assume the bulk of surveillance of arrivals without any extra help.

Majorca is the only Balearic airport with Personnel from the Ministry of Health, there are none in Minorca or Ibiza.

Public Health, the Red Cross and 5 Health Ministry Personnel are currently checking travellers who come to the Islands, but from next month that responsibility is scheduled to pass to the Government now that an agreement has been struck with AENA for airport surveillance, Adif for train stations and State Ports for the seaway.

AENA has put up information posters at different points in the Airports, installed hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, added social distance markers, put messages on digital and protective screens and is broadcasting public address messages.

Since May 15, automated thermal imaging cameras have taken the temperatures of passengers arriving from abroad and the plan is to extend that capability as air traffic increases.

The Passenger Location Card, or PLC, which registers the location of tourists whilst they’re in the Balearics and is currently completed on the plane, then handed over on arrival, will be digitised to make airport transit more fluid.

All health data obtained will be the property of the Ministry of Health and AENA will provide the technology for the installation and use of thermal imaging cameras and the technological development of the PLC.

Repatriated Passengers
A total of 2,673 passengers from International flights have been forced to quarantine for 14-days since May 15 and the National Police International 65 passengers have been refused entry to the Balearic Islands because their travel was not justified.