Alleged attempted murder of Police Officer in Palma. | Ultima Hora

A man has been arrested for the alleged attempted murder of a Police Officer in Palma.

The incident happened on the Can Valero Industrial Estate, while the second illegal drinking party in a matter of days was in full swing.

The suspect allegedly trapped an Officer's arm in the window of his car and dragged him for more than 100 meters down the street as Police tried to restrain him.

When the Officer’s arm was freed the suspect fled and Police immediately launched a massive search operation. The defendant was arrested a few hours later.

It's the second time a Police Officer has been attacked in Can Valero this week. In the early hours of Sunday morning, an off duty Police Officer was attacked when he tried to rescue a girl who was allegedly being assaulted by three men at another illegal drinking party in the area.


The Nightlife Sector has accused the Balearic Government of causing "chaos" by closing clubs and discos in the city.

"There are hundreds of videos on social networks of young people not wearing masks and fighting, if you close the clubs young people just take to the streets", they said.

Zero tolerance

National Police Officers are coordinating with Palma Local Police to crack down on illegal parties, drug use, illegal car races and reckless driving in the polygons and from next weekend harsh sanctions will be imposed on violators.