Playa de Muro, Majorca. | Ultima Hora

City Councils in several coastal Municipalities of Majorca say they won’t limit access, capacity or length of stay on beaches, unless occupation overflows when tourists arrive in July.

A Government directive gives Municipalities the option to impose beach restrictions, which also include ensuring sunbathers have 4 metres of space each and groups are limited to 25 people.


There’s been a slight increase in the number of people on Majorca’s beaches now that the temperature has gone up a notch. On the past two Sundays, thousands of sun worshippers headed for Playa de Muro to laze on the 5 kilometre long sandy beach and take a dip in the crystal clear waters.

“On Sunday we were about to close Playa de Cala Capellans access; we were prepared to close the entrances with fences and divert the public to other less saturated stretches of beach,” says Toni Carrió, Public Rescue Service Coordinator in Playa de Muro. “In the next few days umbrellas with a radius of 30 m2 will be installed five meters from each other.

Pollensa has also seen an increase in the number of bathers, but capacity is under control.

"During the week the beaches are nearly empty and on Sundays the lifeguards make sure the social distancing regulations between groups are respected, but we haven’t needed to intervene," says Pollensa Mayor, Tomeu Cifre Ochogavía.

At small beaches in Calvià, the strip of the towel-free shore will be adapted to a quarter of the width of the beach and the City Council is seeking agreements with the concessionaires to reduce the space occupied by sunbeds to free up more space on the sand.

No changes are planned at the Llevant and Migjorn beaches, according to Son Servera Mayor, Natalia Troya.

“So far we haven’t had any capacity problems, but if the beach starts overflowing when the tourists arrive we are ready to make decisions”.

No special measures are planned on the Manacor coast and the beaches are being monitored to make sure the capacity and social distancing rules are respected.