Passengers arrive at Palma airport.

Passengers arrive at Palma airport.


Britons could soon be sunning themselves on Majorcan beaches as the British government prepares to scrap the two week quarantine, according to British press reports this morning.

The Times said in this morning's edition: "ministers are preparing to relax the UK’s two-week quarantine rules to save summer holidays abroad."

The report goes on to say that the government has drawn up a list of 10 countries which have lower coronavirus rates than Britain, including Spain and France, and which are considered safe holiday destinations. British tour firms are planning to restart their summer holiday campaign in early July.


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Daz / Hace about 1 year

Its crazy, far too early they are thinking of profit over health. I guarantee their will be a rise in covid cases before the end of the year if this goes ahead. Planes are the easiest place to catch infections/ disease , aircon recirculating cabin air, people close to each other and touching seats, toilets etc. I believe this is going to make things worse than they are now. I hope I'm wrong


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Well, they will be arriving in a construction pit. Palma Airport is a total mess at the moment, with half the airport boarded up for construction, dust everywhere. It is a total mess, with grumpy Trablisa people telling you "you cannot go there". I was there this morning to travel to Valencia. It is a shambles and exactly the way it was when I arrived from Barcelona the 11th of March. What a wonderful sight for the much needed tourists. No wonder this country only survives on the teets of EU aid.