Palma City Council Summer Plan for Kids. | Jaume Morey

Palma City Council has published its Summer Plan for Children which includes activities and initiatives that different areas of the Consistory have scheduled over the next few months to give children and their families a variety of options and a social meeting point after months of lockdown.

The Town Hall is offering 60 activities, 5,340 places for schools and summer campuses, 1,300 sports course places for children, school support for 340 children and the opening of 4 Municipal kindergartens.

The different initiatives have been decentralised to almost 30 Palma neighbourhoods in Palma and Mayor, José Hila; Culture & Social Welfare Councillor, Antoni Noguera; Citizen Participation & Home Affairs Councillor, Alberto Jarabo; Education & Language Policy Councillor, Llorenç Carrió, and Sports Councillor, Francisco Ducrós, revealed the most important features of the plan.

"Our commitment to children is absolute, Palma is a Child-Friendly City, accredited by UNICEF and after what they’ve had to live through the kids deserve the best possible summer this year, said Mayor Hila. “Some families face complicated situations and need support and conciliation as well as proposals for Educational Leisure for children and adolescents. We need to offset the effects of confinement, so that no one is left behind, helping to overcome possible social, cultural and digital gaps,” he added.