Teatre Principal, Palma. | Ultima Hora

The new normal has begun and museums, leisure activities and cinemas are preparing to reopen as an increasing number of tourists arrive in Majorca from all over Europe.

But most theatres are unlikely to open their doors until next month or even August.

Teatre Principal in Palma has confirmed that performances are scheduled to resume on August 19 with the summer festival Fila U, which brings together six large format shows. It's also been very involved in local production, supporting around 20 projects.


Carles Molinet, Director of Teatre del Mar in El Molinar has announced that their first event will take place on July 12, kicking off a frantic Summer-Autumn season, with 16 back-to-back shows, including 3 productions in conjunction with Teatre Principal.

“This year's cross-cutting themes will be a commitment to creativity, local production and the rescheduling of all suspended shows,” says Molinet.

Auditorium Manager, Marcos Ferragut says "starting up again will take time, we are not like a nightclub that can open tomorrow” and he's hoping that maximum capacity will be allowed in the coming months, "if conditions improve" which would ensure the profitability and viability of the Centre.


Trui Teatre's phones are ringing off the hook as they work towards opening their doors from July.

"Now that we know the rules we have to stick to, events are in full swing. There will be no standing room for the audience, but at least we are already taking steps,” says Promoter, Miki Jaume.

Pere Mestre from Teatre Sans says he is “immersed in production and theatre school work” and confirmed that rehearsals are well underway for Josep Pero Peyró’s stage production on the weekend of July 10.