Some of the abandoned cars in La Soledat.


A resident of La Soledat in Palma says that there are almost 100 abandoned cars on four streets where he lives and that these were brought to the attention of the city's police a year ago. Since then, none of them have been removed. These cars have been reported via the 010 citizens' attention number, by email and "by calling everyone, but it hasn't helped".

The police say that the town hall doesn't currently allow cars to be removed unless there is an urgent need or if they are dangerous; they are not classified as being hazardous waste. Meanwhile, the resident adds, "citizens have nowhere to park". "We drive around like crazy, which adds to contamination. Of some 300 cars parked near me, almost 100 are abandoned."

However, the police explain that new procedures for removing vehicles are being initiated. There has been an issue because the Son Toells municipal vehicle pound has not been operational. Shortly, new stickers will be placed on cars and they will be taken to the scrapyard within a maximum period of two months. The cost of this will be indicated.

Current rates are 2,400 euros for abandoned trucks; 1,400 euros for cars or vans; and 700 euros for motorcycles. The town hall has indicated that these will increase. If an owner voluntarily relinquishes a car by contacting the police, there will be no charge.