La Possessió de Bunyolí, Establishments, Majorca. | P. Roig

The La Possessió de Bunyolí estate in Establishments is up for sale with a price tag of 13.8 million euros.

The property includes a mansion, an oil mill and a master's house, or clastra and is described as a “diamond in the rough” with 15 rooms, 8 bathrooms, a terrace, and a balcony.

The stone and sand mansion dates back to 1698 and measures 2,838 square metres with living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, including some with en-suite bathrooms, large terraces and balconies.

"Each room has huge windows from where you can enjoy privileged views of the countryside, mountains, Palma city and the sea." boasts the advertisement, adding, “the houses are surrounded by a splendid garden and have a chapel and a temple that historically provided religious services for the neighbourhood and until recently was used for family events.”

250 hectares

The 250 hectare plot that houses la possessió is "lush with ancient trees and offers panoramic views of greenery and nature and the path that leads to the buildings is bordered by 36 metre high, majestic eucalyptus trees,” claims the advert.

For hundreds of years, the carob, orange and olive trees and vineyard in fields around la possessió provided a source of income, along with animal husbandry.

Possessions de Palma, a book by Roberto Fernández Legido and Gaspar Valero which was published in 2007, states that Bunyolí is one of the estates “with the oldest roots” in Majorca. It was the centre of the Barony of the same name, which included the territories of Esporles, Superna, Bunyola and Marratxí, was founded just three years after the Conquest, and was first owned by the Catalan nobleman, Ramon Saclusa.

The estate was in the hands of the Majorcan nobility until the Politician, Antoni Ques, founder of Esquerra Republicana Balear acquired it in 1917. He was assassinated in 1937 by fascist insurgents along with Emili Darder, Alexandre Jaume and Antoni Mateu.

In 2007, it was bought on behalf of the company Bunyolí SL and Antònia Ques was its largest shareholder. She died last year. She had two children, Joan Tugores, Professor of Economics and Rector of the University of Barcelona from 2001 until 2005 and Magdalena Tugores, Doctor of Economics and current Director of the School of Hospitality.


"We offer the opportunity to return this possessió to its original splendour, to design the future of Bunyolí for a new era” states the advertisement.