Basic Health Unit, Selva, Majorca. | Elena Ballestero

Mayors all over Majorca are complaining about the lack of available healthcare in rural areas.

The Consell Mayor, Andreu Isern, is furious that the local Basic Health Unit has been shut since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Selva Mayor, Joan Rotger, Escorca Mayor, Toni Solivellas and Búger Mayor, Pere Torrens are also outraged over Health Service cutbacks in small Municipalities and local districts and claim some of the cuts were made before the pandemic.

“Búger’s doctor went on holiday before the State of Emergency was declared, but the Ministry of Health hasn’t found a replacement with a driver's licence to continue the service, even though I offered to send a car to sa Pobla for him every day,” says Pere Torrens.

Torrens says Director General of Health, Juli Fuster, has promised him that medical and nursing care will be available in the village, by appointment, from next week.

Selva Mayor, Joan Rotger, claims he’s been trying unsuccessfully to speak with the Director General of Health.

"Since the last letter from the Ministry, a month ago, we have not had any news. I have been calling the Director General of Health, Juli Fuster for 20 days, and she still hasn’t answered. Older patients are very angry and confused,” says Rotger. “We have 4 Health Centres in Selva, so we could easily separate patients to prevent the possibility of infection, but they tell me that the most serious problem is the lack of doctors, either due to sick leave or because they are at risk.”

"We don't have a service in Lluc and they don't want to put us in with sa Calobra,” says Escorca Mayor, Toni Solivellas.