4-star Fona Mallorca Hotel in s'Illot, Majorca. | Ultima Hora

An unfair dismissal lawsuit involving the Fona Mallorca Hotel in s'Illot, has been settled.

The hotel is now owned by footballer Lionel Messi through a company managed by his brother Rodrigo.

Biniaraix SA, the company that sold the four-star establishment in s'Illot, now accepts that the dismissals it carried out in February last year were not justified for economic reasons and has agreed to pay the two workers 16,621 euros each in compensation.

The agreement, which still has to be approved by the Palma Court, leaves the Hotel Management Company, Explotaciones Rosotel SA, out of the procedure and Messi won't have to appear in court or deliver the documentation previously requested in connection with the acquisition.

The sale of the hotel and the layoffs occurred around the same time in early 2019. Six employees were let go for objective reasons, based on an alleged scenario of economic losses in the three years prior to sale.

The lawsuit stated that, if that was the company’s real financial situation it had omitted the obligation to file for bankruptcy and, therefore, doubted the reality of these objective causes, which must be accredited by the company that wields them during the procedure in court. Documentation was also requested from all companies related to the Management and Rental of the Hotel in recent years.

The workers' initial demand had been extended to the new owners of the hotel. The basis of the claim was that the layoffs actually occurred after the affected workers filed an earlier lawsuit claiming a series of arrears.

The case is now closed and the workers will receive their compensation within 5 days.