Video of alleged assault and violence in Son Rossinyol Industrial Estate in Palma. | Youtube: Ultima Hora

Police are investigating an alleged assault on a girl at an illegal drinking party in the Son Rossinyol Industrial Estate in Palma in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Video recorded on a mobile phone appears to show a group of young people pushing a girl to the ground and kicking her.

There’s also footage of a group of boys, who seem to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances violently punching, kicking and pushing each other around.

Officers are analysing the video which reportedly contains audio of someone shouting “Kill him, kill him. Give him a beating” then another boy swearing, shouting obscenities and yelling, “Kill him.”

The incident occurred during an illegal drinking party in Son Rossinyol and a smaller illegal drinking party in Can Valero where between 30 and 40 people were allegedly consuming alcohol and playing music at full blast.

The Emergency Services received several calls about outbreaks of extreme violence including one about a massive fight in Carrer Gremi Velluters in the Son Rossinyol Industrial Estate, but by the time the Police arrived nothing was happening and the boys denied there had ever been a fight.

There has been an increasing number of complaints about drinking, fights and car racing in Son Rossinyol and Can Valero in the last week or so.


Many say the Government’s ban on big clubs opening this summer has led to an increasing number of illegal drinking parties at villas, farms and industrial estates in Palma and the rest of the Balearic Islands.