Illegal parties in sa Pobla and Calvia. | Youtube: Ultima Hora


The organisers of two illegal parties in Sa Pobla and Calvia are facing heavy fines.

One was held in sa Pobla and the promoters of the party had reportedly requested authorisation from the City Council for an "outdoor wedding ceremony" on a farm in Camí de can Peu Blanc, but permission was refused.

Illegal party in sa Pobla.

At 2200 on Saturday night around 200 people arrived at the farm and partied hard until 0800 on Sunday morning with music blaring out of high-powered speakers.

Local Police and the Guardia Civil received at least 6 complaints from adjacent farms about noise, people throwing food and drink onto the road. Some of the partygoers also allegedly turned off the electricity at neighbouring farms.

Officers say the organisers could be fined €3,000 each.

Bar at illegal party in Calvia villa.

At the other end of the Island an illegal pool party at a villa on the Costa de la Calma in Calvia was shut down pretty quickly in the early hours of Saturday.

The event was allegedly organised by seasonal workers from Magalluf who advertised the event on social media networks and sold tickets for 35-100 euros each. Police say guests were drinking large quantities of alcohol at the party and a DJ was playing loud music.

According to the Law of Activities 6/2019, the organisers may have committed a serious infraction which carries a fine of between 30,000 and 300,000 euros.