Palma, Majorca. | A.S.

Palma City Council has a new General Plan for the city which aims to balance inequalities between areas, according to Mayor José Hila, who presented the details Tuesday along with Neus Truyol, Councillor for City Model, Dignified Housing & Sustainability.

Councillor Truyol explained the axis of the plan and said the measures had been designed with a double objective, to protect the territory and conserve the Municipal character at landscape and heritage level.

He also specified that the proposals are based on the projection of population growth in Palma over the next 20 years, which is estimated to be around 66,000 inhabitants.

"Palma is an attractive City that people want to live in, so we have tried to put ourselves in a real setting," he said.

Councillor Truyol revealed that the houses will be built for people with different needs; 50% for people leaving the family home, 8% who need a home and 40% for new people arriving in Palma.

Palma City Council estimates that 53,218 of the new homes will be built in the city within the next 20 years. 80% will be built on current urban land by carrying out an optimisation exercise and the remaining 20% will be built on new land, where a territory containment exercise must be carried out.

The increase in rustic land is estimated to be 260 hectares, reaching a total of 15,480. To protect heritage, the new plan will include classifications for different buildings depending on the typology of the landscape.

In 20 years Palma will be a city where the centre is just a 15-minute walk away, "which will be achieved by building more local resources and integrating green spaces, shops and businesses," which Councillor Truyol claims is a European trend in growing cities.

We want to make Palma a sustainable, healthy city, with growth based on equality and commitment to the local economy and we are committed to a compact, complex and continuous city that is compatible with the rural city in order to balance inequality between areas," said Mayor Hila.

In order to achieve this, the new Plan for Palma has been designed based on the reduction of the consumption of territory; the increase of the protection of the rustic ground and the conservation of the urban landscape.

Mayor Hila said sustainable urbanism will be defended and Palma will become a city with several centres.