Maria Antònia Font Director General of Public Health, Patrícia Gómez, Health Minister & Colleagues. | E.Q.


The Director General of Public Health, Maria Antònia Font, confirmed on Tuesday that there are "between 7 and 8 coronavirus outbreaks" in the Balearic Islands.

She told IB3 Ràdio’s 'Al Dia' programme that the situation is under control and the cases are easy to monitor.

Font revealed that at least 15 follow-ups have been carried out with people who came into contact with those who are infected and insisted, ”there is no talk of regrowth, these are new outbreaks.” A resident in a Nursing Home has been infected, but Font says “the situation is very controlled."

"We are following all the cases through a network that we have deployed that we did not have before," she added.


The latest data from phase 3 of the Seroprevalence Study carried out by the Ministry of Health and the Carlos III Health Institute shows that 1.4% of the population of the Balearic Islands has had Covid-19.

"These results were expected," she said, "participation in the third wave was different, but we don’t know how immunity will work in people who’ve already had the virus."

Immunity will eventually be possible through a vaccine, but in the meantime, people are urged to continue taking preventive and protective measures.

The good news is the results of the study show that "transmission of the virus has been quite well controlled in the Balearic Islands,” said Font.