Thousands of rental cars are being shipped to Majorca. | Ultima Hora


Rental car companies have been shipping vehicles from the Iberian Peninsula to Majorca for the last two weeks to meet demand as more tourists arrive on the Island and Aevab and Baleval say more than 30,000 rental cars will be available in July, August and September.

“There are companies that couldn’t meet demand in the last few days because they didn't have enough cars," said Aevab President, Ramón Reus. "Activity is growing progressively and the pressure of dealers and manufacturers is helping us to bring cars from the Peninsula in advantageous conditions,”

Reus, and the Balearic Association of Car Rental Companies included in the FEBT, both said at least 30,000 vehicles will be available for rent in Majorca and confirmed that much of the fleet had already arrived between January and early March, before the State of Emergency was decreed.

"The situation has changed since June 21 and the forecast is that the tourist recovery will increase even more from the second half of July to early October," said Baleval.


Vehicle manufacturers and dealers are putting pressure on car rental companies in the Balearic Islands because they have thousands of new, unsold cars sitting in car parks.

The activity forecast for rental cars in July is 25%, August is expected to show a year-on-year decrease of 10% and market projections for September and October are around 80%.

"We all hope that the good forecasts will be consolidated because it will be good for our Sector and for economic activity in the Islands," said Ramón Reus.

The Balearic Business Transport Federation, or FEBT will analyse the crisis caused by Covid-19 in the Transport Sector and the reconstruction measures adopted by the Government to encourage activity in regular and Tourist Transport.

There are also calls for the Government to set up a Transport Logistics Centre in Majorca.