Hot and humid in Palma. | P. Pellicer

The stifling heat and humidity in Majorca over the last few days won’t lift for another couple of days thanks to a mass of warm air from Africa and strong winds from Levante and Xaloc.

It was pretty horrendous overnight on Thursday with temperatures still hovering around 25 degrees at midnight in Palma and it was even worse in Soller where the mercury was close to 30 after dark and it's about to get worse.

Over the next few days the hot, sticky weather will be accompanied by scattered showers and strong, dusty winds gusting up to 60 kilometres an hour in the mountains.

Highs of 35 degrees were recorded in Binissalem on Thursday and 33.6 at the UIB and most of the Island was baking as the mercury soared above 30 degrees.

According to Aemet the hot, humid weather is set to continue for the next few days and it will be very warm and humid overnight with lows of around 22 degrees.

The high temperatures and strong winds also increase the likelihood of forest fires and Aemet described the current risk as very high throughout Majorca and extreme in the Serra de Tramuntana and interior of Majorca.