Victim was stabbed four times. | A. Sepúlveda

The woman who allegedly murdered her husband in Manacor on Wednesday has been named as Daniela Cordona.

According to the autopsy report, Óscar Armando was stabbed four times during a heated argument with his wife on Wednesday at around 2230. At one point he managed to get away, but collapsed on the third floor of the building in Calle Sant Joan Baptista de la Salle, in Manacor.

Neighbours alerted the National Police when they heard the commotion and Officers were deployed to the scene.

They found Óscar Armando in cardiorespiratory arrest and bleeding profusely, but attempts to resuscitate him failed and he died at the scene.

061 Emergency Personnel have confirmed that the victim was killed by a stab in the heart.

Daniela Cardona allegedly told the arresting Officers that she had acted in self-defence.