Police and Guardia Civil patrolling. | Michel's


Had lockdowns been continuing and travel restrictions still been in place, Punta Ballena in the middle of July would have been deserted. There again, thirty officers from Calvia police and the Guardia Civil wouldn't have been patrolling. The lockdowns aren't continuing, the travel restrictions have been lifted. But now there is the Balearic government's closure order.

Overnight on Friday, Magalluf's Strip was an extraordinary sight; extraordinary because the party has been suspended. Some places were open, those which are able to; they don't sell booze. The police and the Guardia had little to do. They reminded those running the few premises that were open about the need for social distancing. They also advised people about the need to wear masks. There was the odd check for drugs. There was apparently a fight that was over by the time the police arrived, and that was that.

Punta Ballena in Magalluf, the new normal at the height of summer in 2020.