Passengers arriving at Son Sant Joan Airport.


Further to the earlier report about a Balearic government request for coronavirus controls for passengers arriving from parts of Spain with high infection rates, the government wants to go a step further and will now ask the national ministry of health to approve mandatory quarantine.

President Armengol is due to formalise this request in a letter to be sent to Prime Minister Sánchez. The quarantine would also apply to foreign travellers from "risk areas" with high infection rates.

Until quarantine is made obligatory, or if it is not, the government will want the health ministry to issue self-isolation recommendations. The government will also be raising the possibility of health controls being carried out at travel points of origin.


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Nicolas / Hace about 1 year

The loophole here is that the law enforcement officers have not been patrolling and asking people to wear their masks when in crowded areas or when walking in public areas. Shopping centres and Supermarkets as well as hospitals have been far more efficient in this particular instance. I've seen groups of young people on the beach practising sports in large groups and no one has asked them to disperse. Then some foreign tourist just don't bother with the mask, as if the island was a safe haven and there was no virus here. The recklessness of airports and ports not checking passengers from high risk areas for Covid 19 is also going to take its toll. In a nutshell, had there been more control, we would not be facing this worse case scenario right now. The government is clamping down on night-life, smoking and drinking. It's the worst nightmare possible, and it will certainly bring the season to a grinding halt. Brave yourself for impact!!


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Armengol is sending a letter! Correos? My God! This control should have already been in place before the UK slapped its quarantine on all of Spain. It might have exempted the islands. Cataluña has long been a high infection zone yet nothing was announced or done for weeks. As I’ve said before; 10 flights a day from Barcelona to Palma without checks. Madness. Germany recommends its nationals not to go there. Maybe the UK have acted clumsily in their quarantine but Mallorca and Spain need to wake up. From having one of the strictest lockdowns (far stricter than the Uk) Spain has gone and thrown it all away!


Sherri / Hace about 1 year

We have to quarantine in the UK for 14 days if returning from the islands. I’m still visiting Mallorca on the 10th but won’t be able to if I have to quarantine there. It’s so sad as the islands are safe like the part of the UK I’m coming from. We are really low risk just like you guys.


kim scott / Hace about 1 year

could you please tell me if i would have to quarentine when i come to ibiza on 9/08/20 and would i also have to quarentine on my return to the uk after my 5 nights stay. thank you