The husband was in court last week. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The 52-year-old woman who received a brutal beating from her husband last week has died.

The woman, originally from Sweden, was attacked by her husband at an address in the Son Cotoner district of Palma on Monday last week. A call to the National Police 091 emergency number reported a man having assaulted his partner and kicked her in the head. When officers arrived, the husband was on a landing. He said that there had been a heated argument. The woman was lying on the floor inside a property. She was conscious, but there was a large pool of blood by her head and she was bruised on the arm and head.

The person who rang 091 explained that the couple, who had been married for around seven years, had moved in with him a few days previously. The night before, the husband had gone out, having taken his wife's phone and 50 euros from her. When he returned in the morning, there was the argument. The woman, according to this witness, was pushed to the ground, and the husband punched her in the face. She managed to get up and went to the kitchen. He followed her and kicked her in the head. She fell to the ground and he kicked her again.

In March 2019, the husband was subject to a restraining order that expired after six months. He has been charged with murder.