Fountain in Plaza Constitució, Soller. | Lluc Garcia


Soller City Council has cut off the public water supply after Local Police warned that people had been seen drinking directly from the spout and touching the taps or buttons without any protection.

Officers believe this could be a potential source of Covid-19 infection and requested that the water be cut off until the sources can be properly marked, warning of the risks.

The beach showers were closed for the same reason, but were reopened last week with new signs telling people to avoid pressing the water dispenser with their hands and recommending they use their elbows instead.

There was a glut of complaints after the water supply was cut off on Monday, especially from locals who usually fill up bowls and jugs with water from the fountains.

People from outside the Municipality also regularly fill their bottles with fresh water from the fountains in Soller because it’s considered to be very good quality.

Some of the seals that were put in place on Monday were torn off so the Municipal Water Service, Aqualia closed the stopcocks on Tuesday.

"As soon as the Local Police are happy that it has been correctly marked up, the tap will be turned on again,” according to Interior Councillor, Carlos Darder, who said the Government is receiving daily reports and safety recommendations about Covid-19 from the Local Police.