Llucmajor, Majorca. | P.Lozano

The first Deputy Mayor of Llucmajor, Noemí Getino, has criticised Palma Police for not patrolling the area of her Municipality that borders Playa de Palma, claiming “people are walking around without a face mask and if you ask them to maintain social distancing, they move even closer.”

The stumbling start to the tourist season in areas that should be crowded with visitors by now has caused difficulties for traders in the area, who say insecurity is increasing and the authorities are refusing to take any responsibility.

Palma Police have been accused by the Ciudadanos of not issuing sanctions against people who don’t wear face masks in public spaces and not curbing irresponsible behaviour.

First Deputy Mayor Getino believes that more people should have been sanctioned, saying "individual responsibility is conspicuous by its absence,” and claims there’s “no chance” of seeing Palma Police Officers in that part of Playa de Palma.

Her allegations coincide with reports that there’s a severe lack of Police Officers and Police cars in Palma, especially on weekends and holidays.