Passengers arriving at Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma on Saturday. | Efe (Atienza)

Gabriel Llobera, president of the Association of Hotel Chains in the Balearics, believes that news about coronavirus outbreaks in Spain is being exaggerated. "Too much information is being given about outbreaks which affect a few areas, and this is causing alarm in foreign tourist markets. The Balearic Islands are a safe destination from a health point of view, but the messages that these markets are receiving are not clear."

There is, in his view, confusion for the "entire tourism value chain" - airlines, tour operators, coach companies, hotels and others. "Alarmism is never good, and especially not for tourism."

Llobera points out that the hope had been that the season would extend until the end of October. He now feels that "if we get to October, this will be a success".

Meanwhile, newspapers in the UK are carrying stories of holidaymaker anger at the "overnight decision" to impose a quarantine.