Francina Armengol & Patricia Gómez visit Mateu Orfila Hospital in Mahón | CAIB


The Government wants to reduce the maximum number of people allowed to meet for family gatherings to prevent the spread of Covid-19, according to the Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez.

During a visit to the Mateu Hospital laboratory Orfila in Mahón, Minister Gómez explained that the Government is keen to reinforce social distancing measures to combat coronavirus.

"We are working with a new resolution that will probably tighten the measures a little more because some relaxation has been detected in family gatherings,” she said. “We have to be more cautious than ever and above all reduce the number of people who gather together in order to maintain security measures.”

Minister Gómez also spoke about the new coronavirus outbreaks that have been detected in the Balearic Islands.

Most of the 35 outbreaks correspond to groups of 3 or 4 people who are members of the same family, she said and pointed out that “Community transmission is low and with the exception of a few cases, which, in general, are not related to nightlife.”

Minister Gómez has urged people to remain calm saying Balearic Public Health is well prepared for a second wave of the virus.

We have 1000 beds for patients who contract Covid-19 and 200 more for critically ill patients,” she said. “An extra 900 nurses have been hired, 240 of them are dedicated to tracking contagion and there will be 400 once others finish the training stage."