German Police take part in inspections in Palma. | Ultima Hora

A zero tolerance policy was adopted by Local and National Police during raids of several nightlife venues in Palma in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The operation was led by Deputy Inspector Manuel Gallardo who’s responsible for ‘Grupo Alazán’ and supported by three UIP vans from Madrid.

Their objective was to eradicate drug trafficking and ensure compliance with coronavirus health and safety measures.

Eight premises were inspected and 21 sanctions were issued, mostly for excess capacity, exceeding opening hours, overcrowding terraces or allowing DJ’s to play loud music through outdoor speakers late at night and several people were also busted for drug possession.

One of the establishments targeted was El Rincón de Isa in Carrer Patronato Obrero, which has been sanctioned repeatedly in recent months.

The collaboration between the different Police Forces has been hailed as excellent by the Government and welcomed by the Green Patrol.

Two Inspectors from the German Polizei took part in Police patrols in Playa de Palma the weekend.