Customers & enquiries at Palma Tourist Offices have changed. | Jaume Morey

The type of customers and the nature of the enquiries made at Municipal Tourist Offices in Palma has changed significantly since the coronavirus pandemic.

Now it’s mostly local people who visit the offices in Plaça España and Playa de Palma and their questions revolve around EMT and TIB bus services, coronavirus, social security and social assistance.


"When people see the information sign they come in, so we are coordinating with EMT and other areas in order to be able to provide the information required,” said Tourism, Health & Consumer Affairs Minister Elena Navarro.

An average of 50 people visit the office in Plaça España from Monday to Friday and it’s mostly locals and Consular Offices that are making enquiries.

"We have given workers specific training," says Councillor Navarro, who admits “it’s an effort to keep the offices open when there are no tourists."

Navarro also said the mobile points at tourist offices in Platja de Palma have been very effective and that “90% of consultations at the end of June and during July revolved around coronavirus issues.

The mobile points on the beach are in operation from 10:00 until 18:00 and one of the main issues is gauging capacity, so they are in constant contact with lifeguards.

"People are informed about capacity on the beach when they arrive so that, if it is very crowded they can go to another beach," says Navarro.

She also pointed out that people can also check capacity at the beach via the Platges Segures App.

The Playa de Palma Tourist office has only received around 20% of the number of visitors it usually has at this time of year.

Most people want to know how far it is to the beach, when they have to wear a mask and if face coverings are compulsory on the Paseo Marítimo.

Partitions & QR Codes

Tourist offices were forced to adapt quickly to the so-called new normal, by installing partitions and making gels and face masks available.

Guides and maps have disappeared and customers can now download all the information they need via QR codes.