1 in 5 children at risk of poverty in the Balearic Islands. | Europa Press

One in every five children is at risk of poverty in the Balearic Islands, according to a new report by the Balearic Office for Children & Adolescents, or OBIA.

The Annual Report also highlights concerns over the high level of juvenile court cases and incidents of child maltreatment and abuse in the Community.

The 2019 report focuses on school failure, absenteeism and expulsions which amounted to 5,821 during the 2018-2020 academic year, according to OBIA Director, Serafín Carballo.

He also commented on the care of minors under protection measures, saying there's been a decrease in the number of escapes and unauthorised exits from Centres over the last four years.

"An important effort is being made", insists Carballo, who is awaiting the IMAS Report on the sexual exploitation of minors under guardianship.

The OBIA Annual Report calls for more attention to be paid to minors who may be victims of sexual exploitation and suggests that the University of the Balearic Islands and Administrations work together to find ways to stop it happening.