Tourists arriving at Palma Airport. | P.Lozano

The German Government is keeping an eye on the level of coronavirus infections at holiday destinations around the world, including the Balearic Islands, after a significant rise in outbreaks in recent weeks.

Berlin has already advised German citizens not to travel to Catalonia, Navarre and Aragon and the progressive growth in positive cases in the Balearic Islands in the last couple of weeks is generating alarm in issuing markets.

Since the end of July the number of positive cases in Spain has increased from 9.22% to 42.80%, with a 567.35% increase in Aragon in the last 14 days, a 152.7% increase in Catalonia and 140.9% in Navarre.


"Hotel reservations are paralysed in all European foreign source markets, including Germany,” said Gabriel Llobera, President of the Association of Hotel Chains, or ACH. “A message of tranquility must be transmitted to the markets, because the Balearic Islands are carrying out more PCR tests than ever and this should give peace of mind to the issuing tourist markets, because the controls carried out by the Government are helping to avoid more infections,” he added.

Llobera is adamant that the Balearic Islands are a safe tourist destination for workers, residents and tourists and is demanding that the Government drive home that message in foreign markets.

He also commented on the letter that the President of the Government, Francina Armengol, addressed to British citizens on July 31 through the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

“This has had a great transcendence in the British tourist market and I believe that she should do exactly the same in the German publications, Mallorca Magazin and Mallorca Zeitung,” he said. “We must give a calm, positive message at this time and make sure that Germany is informed about what we are doing here in the Balearic Islands because that's our main source market,” said Llobera.

The Association acknowledges that many businesses are nervous about the tourist situation because 8 countries have already imposed quarantine on travellers arriving from Spain.

Switzerland has exempted the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands from its self-isolation rules, but Belgium included the Islands in its ruling and there are fears that more will follow.

"It is vital that the messages that come out of the Balearic Islands in terms of health security are positive," says Llobera.

UK Bookings

Bookings from the main British Tour Operators, such as TUI UK and Jet2Holidays, slumped by 76% last week compared to the week before, according to analysis by the Tourism Technology provider DataHotel Dingus.

The British Government’s compulsory quarantine for travellers arriving in the UK from Spain is being blamed for the 50% drop in Hotel reservations in the Balearic Islands.