sa Rapita, Majorca. | Pedro Aguiló Mora

A wave of car thefts, house robberies and anti-social behaviour in sa Ràpita has exhausted the patience of residents in the Municipality of Campos, who claim the City Council and the Neighborhood Association are not doing enough to stop it.

A group of residents is demanding that more Local Police be deployed to stop the criminals and that those who are guilty of crimes be punished.

The group has also launched a petition and is collecting signatures to highlight increasing public concern over crime in sa Ràpita.

This situation is fostering fear and concern for our families and our properties and these problems have altered the peace and tranquility that characterises sa Rapita,” said the Campaign Organisers.

Petitions are available at several locations in the area, including Blau i Rosa, Spar, s’Oratge, Farmacia, Forn sa Ràpita, Estanc sa Ràpita, sa Botigueta, Ca’n Vila and Botiga Balcó de Cabrera and Club Nàutic sa Ràpita is expected to be included in the coming days.