Son Espases Hospital ICU, Palma. | M. À. Cañellas

Son Espases Hospital has been reopened its coronavirus unit and six rooms have also been re-enabled for Covid-19 in the Short Stay Unit, or UCE at Son Llàtzer Hospital after a spike in Covid-19 infections.

On Friday, 20 patients were hospitalised at Son Espases Hospital, 10 at Son Llàtzer, one in Manacor, one in Inca, 5 at Can Misses in Ibiza, 48 in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and 16 others at Private Clinics.

“Hospitalisations are very different compared to the first wave and the virus is less aggressive,” says Dr Alberti, Deputy Director of Hospital Attention.

“Before, more than 20% of the positives had to be hospitalised, now it is 4% and between 8 and 9% of patients were admitted to the ICU, now it’s 0.7%,” he explains and points out that a separate space is being sought at the hospital for patients who are asymptomatic.

Dr Albertí says one of the priorities is to maintain surgical activity and outpatient consultations whilst coronavirus patients are being cared for and not to paralyse the system, as was done during the State of Emergency.

A total of 117 new infections were confirmed in the Balearic Islands on Friday, making 657 active cases altogether and 450 of them are in Majorca.


Since the tracking of cases, regardless of the type of symptoms presented began on May 11, the area with the most cases is Es Trencadors in s'Arenal where an outbreak infected 34 people.

21 others were infected in Son Gotleu, 16 in Inca and 12 in Can Pastilla-Playa de Palma.

The Balearic tracking team is currently monitoring around 3,400 close contacts of people who tested positive, according to Government Spokesperson, Pilar Costa.