Passengers arriving at Son Sant Joan Airport. | Efe

According to the Balearics epidemiology service, 8.6% of positive Covid-19 cases between 11 May and last Wednesday were people who contracted the virus somewhere other than the islands.

The report states that there were 837 positive cases between 11 May and 5 August. Seventy-two of these were imported. Of these 72, 39 originated in other regions of Spain: eleven in Catalonia; seven Madrid; six in both Extremadura and Valencia; four Murcia; and one in each of Andalusia, Aragon, the Basque Country, Castile and Leon, and Navarre.

Outside of Spain, there were nine cases which originated in Bolivia, five in Germany, four in both Algeria and the US, and two in Ecuador. The UK was one of several countries with one case.

The Balearic government has asked Madrid for controls of passengers arriving from other Spanish regions to be the same as they are for passengers from abroad - temperature control and the Passenger Locator Card.