King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia & daughters. | EFE

The Royal Family haven't exactly been welcomed with open arms by everyone in Majorca, which will no doubt add to the grief they're already dealing with over the scandal and departure of former King Juan Carlos.

The scandal surrounding former King Juan Carlos has reignited the debate over whether Spain needs a Royal Family. There are demonstrations all over the country, social media networks are awash with criticism and on Monday morning an anti-Royal banner appeared in Plaza Major in Palma.

“The Spanish King is not welcome in Majorca and the Monarchy is a corrupt, macho and outdated institution, which does not represent the Majorcan people,” claimed Mallorca Lliure.

King Felipe, Queen Letizia and their daughters will visit Petra, the birthplace of Fra Junípero Serra, on Monday afternoon. The Franciscan has been denounced as a racist in the United States and several statues were recently destroyed, so their visit may not go down too well.

Més per Mallorca took to Twitter to denounce the departure of former King Juan Carlos as a nonsense.

The Royals will spend time in Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza during their visit.