Policía Nacional, Palma. Archive photo. | Policía Nacional, Palma

A well-known nightlife venue in Playa de Palma was raided by National Police Officers and the Local Police Green Patrol at dawn on Saturday and numerous sanctions were issued.

The establishment on Pare Bartomeu Salvà street allegedly found a novel way to get around the Balearic Government Decree.

The owners reportedly hold three licences, one of which is for a cafeteria at 28 Canyes Street, which is adjacent to Jamón Street.

Tourists and locals were allegedly allowed to enter the nightclub through the cafeteria, but Police became suspicious when they saw crowds of people at the entrance.

Officers say they issued a raft of sanctions after finding tourists at the bar, customers smoking inside the premises, excess capacity, non-compliance with Covid-19 measures and other illegal activity.