Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez. | Archive

Calvia town hall is to present a denuncia to the Guardia Civil, citing libel, insults and threats directed at the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, and the councillor with responsibility for the local police, Nati Francés. This is in connection with the closure of nightlife premises in the Punta Ballena area of Magalluf.

Last Saturday, Francés, accompanied by two of her children, returned to her car that had been parked in a Palma shopping centre car park. A message had been written on the dusty rear window: "Bitch, Punta Ballena does not forget" (translated from Spanish). A similar insult was shouted at her when she was driving her car on the Calle Pere Vaquer Ramis in Magalluf on July 27.

Two days after this, a Twitter profile in English accused the mayor of being corrupt and of having taken bribes in exchange for the closure of Punta Ballena nightlife venues. Apart from its complaint for this, the town hall points out that it was the Balearic government which ordered the closures.

Messages on this Twitter account had hashtags such as #savemagaluf, #corruption, #murderers, #touristrevolt, and #savethestrip.