Sant Roc Festival cancelled. | Ultima Hora

The Sant Roc Festival in honour of the Patron Saint of the Municipality of Alaró has been suspended because of a resurgence of Covid-19 cases.

Alaró Mayor, Llorenç Perelló announced the decision just a few hours before the proclamation of festivities in the square, by recently retired nurses Fefa Morillas and Toni Ferrer on Tuesday.

“It is obvious that Covid-19 infections are increasing in different parts of Majorca and information that’s emerged over the last few hours about the pandemic in Alaró is not positive,” said Perelló.

PSOE Spokesperson, Aina Munar, who’s been very critical about the festivities in recent days, welcomed the Mayor’s decision but blasted what she called, "the total lack of control in the planning of parties, last-minute changes in location and the issuance of extra tickets."

Both Munar and Més Spokesperson, Aina Sastre are furious that Mayor Perelló did not inform them of his decision earlier.

"We found out by other means that the decision had already been taken to suspend the festivities, the Mayor did not take our opinion into account at all,” they claimed.

Both PSOE and Més support the suspension of the Sant Roc festival in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"We understand the pressure generated by the new coronavirus clusters and the decision to suspend all events,” added Sastre.

Suspected coronavirus outbreaks within a family and at a Garden Centre, have yet to be confirmed by the Ministry of Health.