Figures from the SEPE state employment service indicate that there was a 45.06% decrease in hiring in the Balearics services sector in July. This is a decrease by comparison with July 2019. The fall in the number of employment contracts in the services sector was most felt in the Canaries and the Balearics; the decrease in the Canaries was 54.8%.

For the whole of Spain, there were 233,752 employment contracts for the hospitality industry specifically. A year ago there were 486,151. This fall comprised a 67% decrease for accommodation services (to 40,422 contracts) and a 47% decrease for food and beverages (down to 193,330 contracts).

There were particularly heavy falls for travel agencies (down 87.6%) and air transport (a drop of 81.3%).

In April, there was a low in terms of all contracts issued nationally (673,716). This increased to 850,653 in May, to 1,159,711 in June and to 1,536, 211 in July. Despite this rise, the number of contracts in July was 29.5% lower than the previous year. The decrease was reflected in all sectors: agriculture was down 18% to 167,922; industry by 12.5% to 191,806; construction, 5.7% down (104,406); and services by 34.8% to 1,071,988.