New regulations aimed at Spanish tourists. | Reuters

A huge number of Spaniards spend their summer at holidays at a different property and because of the increasing number of new coronavirus outbreaks in Spain, the Ministry of Health has updated its Covid-19 Strategy to include instructions for people who come into contact with anyone who’s positive for coronavirus whilst on holiday.

The document sets out a range of requirements, such as; 14-day quarantine when they return home; that accommodation “guarantees the necessary conditions for quarantine”; that travel to their home be carried out “in private transport”; that “all precautionary measures are taken during the journey" and that the Public Health Authorities are informed."

A declaration document must be signed by the contact, who must also provide data such as email, ID, mobile phone or home address, the vehicle registration number and details of the driver and report “any relevant changes or incidents that occur during their journey.”

The updated Strategy also states that if a person is diagnosed as positive whilst they are outside their normal place of residence, the Health Authorities "may consider other alternatives" to isolate them either at home or in authorised facilities, to "ensure security” but the current wording of the text doesn’t clarify what those alternatives might be.

The text also states that screening strategies may be proposed for wider population groups with unidentifiable contacts "if the local epidemiological context and the environment of the outbreak so advise, under the criteria and coordination of Public Health,” which has already happened in the Catalan towns of Vilafranca del Penedés and Terrassa.

The Health Department has also established that, “until more information is available in relation to the clinical and epidemiological significance of cases that present symptoms and/or a PCR positive after a clinical resolution with negative PCR,” they “will not be reported as new Covid-19 cases.”