CAEB & Pimem object to new capacity restrictions. | M. À. Cañellas


CAEB and PIMEM have voiced their opposition to cuts in capacity at bars, cafes and restaurants that the Government wants to apply from next week.

This measure will have a very negative impact on the viability of companies during the current crisis,” they said.

The Director General of Public Health, Maria Antònia Font, announced on Wednesday that the Government will impose new capacity restrictions similar to those applied in other Autonomous Communities.

"It is necessary for society to learn to live with the obligation to respect security measures to do the least damage possible,” she said.


CAEB Chairperson, Alfonso Robledo, has called for the Government to "reconsider unless they are really necessary and there's an obvious threat to people's health. Reducing capacity at bars, restaurants and cafes would be a death blow to the Sector, which is already being terribly affected," he said. The health and safety of customers and staff is vital and paramount and we carry out strict and rigorous compliance with the health regulations."

“The focus of contagion is in the family nuclei and when people meet with family and friends it is impossible to make sure that all the rules are being met because the environment relaxes our attitude and that doesn’t happen in a restaurant,” said Robledo.

The Pimem President, Elena Cusí said imposing new restrictions without consultation with the Sector is unacceptable.

Pimem opposes any measure that limits sales capacity and we demand that the Government discuss the issue with the Sector before imposing restrictions,” she said. ”We are in favour of collaborating over health controls, but we don’t accept decisions that have not been agreed or worked on.”

Terrace Expansion

Catering companies in the Balearic Islands are willing to accept logical and necessary restrictions, but there's conditions attached.

"The Government must consider the possibility of expanding the terraces to compensate for losses due to reduced capacity inside their establishments.”

CAEB described the current situation as "dramatic" claiming that reducing capacity will affect income, jobs and company viability.