The bar in Palma where the incident occurred.

A fight outside a Palma bar in the early hours of Sunday morning resulted in the arrest of one person for attempted murder and in another person being rushed to Son Espases Hospital in a serious condition.

The incident occurred outside a bar on the Calle Batle Emili Darder. A 51-year-old male attacked a 41-year-old man with a broken glass. There was a deep, ten centimetre long cut on the neck and a second cut by an ear. A female health worker, who was in the bar, helped to staunch the flow of blood before 061 emergency medics arrived. The health worker's intervention has been praised for quite probably having saved his life.

National Police officers stopped a man who attempted to leave the scene in a car. He had blood on him and admitted to the officers that he had been involved in a heated argument about a woman.