Clínica Rotger, Palma. | R.E.

Private Clinics received about 100 calls from foreign tourists about Covid-19 between July 15 and last week, which is an average of 3 a day.

The Balearic Union of Healthcare Entities, or UBES signed an agreement with IB-Salut whereby private clinics in the Balearic Islands would take care of foreign visitors with health difficulties related to Covid-19.

44 patients who suspected they’d contracted coronavirus asked to be referred to Health Centres and five of them were confirmed positive.

"We set up a call Centre with a referral protocol divided by Sector and location and informed Healthcare services and Hotels of the protocol," said UBES manager, Toni Fuster.

Both the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands offer guaranteed travel assistance coverage for Covid-19 patients, but whereas the Canary Islands signed an agreement with an Insurance Company, IB-Salut in Majorca chose to promote the Private Clinic Sector.

"We have a lot of experience with the Sector and in this way we can alleviate the deficit,” said Fuster. “In April losses from the pandemic were estimated to be around 30%.