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The Mayors of Selva, Inca and Búger have asked the Consell de Mallorca to declare the hydraulic system of ditches and mills that runs through the three Municipalities as a Site of Cultural Interest, or BIC.

The declaration process was cancelled in March, 2015 because one of the owners whose land the network runs through was not notified.

The file can’t be reopened until 3 years after the declaration process was stopped and Búger Mayor, Pere Torrens, Selva Mayor, Joan Rotger and Inca Mayor, Virgilio Moreno have asked for a meeting with the Vice President of the Consell, Bel Busquets to clarify what is happening.

On April 8, 2010, the Plenary Session of the Council agreed to declare the hydraulic system of the ditches of the Selva, Inca and Búger mills as a Site of Cultural Interest within the category of monument, according to the delimitations of a Technical Report of 2008.

The 3,480 metre system includes a network of ancillary canals and locks that allow the operation of six water mills, which experts believe dates back to the 13th century.

Selva demanded the reopening of the declaration procedure in March 2017 and Búger did the same on May 25, 2017.

In response to these requests, the Head of the Legal Service of Patrimoni Històric issued a report in June 2017 confirming that the process could not resume until 3 years had passed.

In December 2019, Inca officially asked the Council to restart the declaration file.

Nothing has happened since then and the Mayors of Inca, Selva and Búger are now calling for the declaration to be made as soon as possible under the same terms as the original agreement in April 2010.

To that end they have asked for a meeting with Bel Busquets and also want to clarify whether there is any line aid available for the conservation and whether there's any possibility that it could benefit from some European money.

Complex Network

The hydraulic system of Selva, Inca and Búger is made up of four main sections, between the ditch of Pedro Petit and Jaume Bisquerra; between Molí de sa Torrentera and Molí de Son Vivot; the drain of sa Torrentera and the drain of the Molí de sa Rata.

It also includes the mills of Eufrasina, Cusseta, Torrentera, Barraca and Cas Pobil in the three Municipalities.