Party Boats near cliffs of Son Verí Nou, Majorca. | Lucía Bohórquez

Several party boats allegedly ignored the Government’s ban on Tuesday and went sailing near the cliffs of Son Verí Nou with crowds of people onboard and music blaring.

Video of the boats has been uploaded to Social Media Networks by journalist Lucía Bohórquez, who tweeted:

"Recorded right now from the cliffs of Son Verí Nou. First day of new measures of the @goib
 and people don't take it seriously. All crowded and partying."

The Government’s stricter measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus were published in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands, or BOIB on Tuesday and came into force immediately.


Under the new rules, nightlife venues in the Balearic Islands have been shut down, smoking in the street is banned if social distancing of 2 metres is not possible, parties are prohibited at swimming pools, on boats and in the outdoor facilities of hotels and contact sports training is not allowed.

The sale of alcoholic beverages on tourist or recreational passenger transport vessels is also banned.

Federated and Amateur Contact Sports Training is prohibited, but Federations can apply for an exception from the training ban before a competition.Contact Sports are only allowed with an interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres, but physical contact must be avoided at all times.

Teams are limited to a maximum of 30 people, track sports are limited to a maximum of 20 and contact sports are limited to a maximum of 10.

The Federated Leagues that were scheduled to start on September 1 have been postponed until October 1 and even then will depend on epidemiological conditions.

Venue capacity is limited to 75% with a maximum of 1,000 people outdoors and 300 in covered seated facilities.

Capacity in places of worship has been reduced from 75% to 50% and family and social gatherings should not exceed 10 people.

The new regulations also state that establishments must not exceed maximum capacity, social distancing and legal opening hours must be respected and staff must wear face masks.